Although Sierra’s closing on 12/31/17, you can lose 5 to 100+ lbs.—and keep it off—at The Hernried Center.

Whether you’re a current patient at Sierra Weight Loss or just shopping around, The Hernried Center can change your life. Check out their program information and offers below!

Our program at Sierra Weight Loss was inspired by The Hernried Center, so if Sierra Weight Loss is working well or appeals to you, we can help you enroll at their world-class institution. They follow the same general protocol: a weight-loss phase using nutritionally optimized meal replacements followed by a maintenance phase that includes ongoing education and support. Their patients have had amazing results, so we encourage you to continue or start your journey at their center.

Here are some program benefits you can expect at The Hernried Center:

  • Four office locations, including Roseville
  • Multiple programs designed for people with different weight loss needs
  • Regular in-person group and individual consultations with our weight-loss doctors, behavioral health educators and exercise specialists
  • An interactive remote classroom experience using telehealth technology
  • Online meal replacement ordering system with home delivery
  • Comprehensive body composition and genetic testing to individualize our program for you

The Hernried Center understands that this transition is an inconvenience, so they’ve put together a package deal to help make the switch easier:

  • FREE FitBit® Activity Tracker
  • FREE Body Composition Analysis
  • FREE Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) Analysis
  • FREE Blender Bottle
  • 15% Off Meal Replacements
  • 50% Off Pathway Fit® Genomics Analysis

We’re here to answer any questions you have. Please visit The Hernried Center to see how they can help you lose weight and feel better, or call their office at (800) 815-4881.