Rediscover your future at Sierra Weight Loss

You haven't failed your diet program, your diet program has failed YOU!

It has failed to give you freedom from the anxiety and discomfort of being overweight.

At Sierra Weight Loss, we will help you win your freedom. 

Our core philosophy is that weight loss is not a cure for obesity, but a first step toward adopting a new lifestyle based on skills and new behaviors. Our beverage-based nutrition  program, combined with weekly lectures an discussions will help you safely and rapidly lose weight and gain the control you need for effective weight management. 

How the Weight Loss Program works for you:

The Rediscovery Program consists of three programs

  • Weight Loss - Our core program of nutritionally-complete beverages, medical monitoring and weekly education classes with registered dietitians.
  • Transitions - A four week, hands on approach to incorporate the skills you have learned to help maintain your weight loss. 
  • Maintenance - Behavioral aftercare program to develop long-term skills as you experience the "ups and downs" of life after your weight loss. 

Medical Monitoring & physical fitness - keys to success!

Patients are carefully screened by Sierra Weight Loss' medical staff, through medical history, laboratory tests and electrocardiogram. Once accepted, patients are regularly monitored to ensure safe, healthy weight loss. The medical staff is available for questions or concerns while you are enrolled in the program. 

Regular exercise is #1 predictor for success in weight management, Sierra Weight Loss provides you with the physical fitness skills you need. We are sister partners with gyms in Grass Valley, Nevada City and Penn Valley. Check out the links for our program partners.