Sierra Weight Loss is a new multi-disciplinary weight treatment program serving obese patients in the foothills. Closely modeled on the Hernried Center (aiding thousands with weight management in the Sacramento area since 1983), Sierra Weight Loss uses long-term behavioral therapy combined with a medically supervised diet. Our licensed treatment team helps the medically overwieght lose and maintain a healthy weight using a chronic conditions model. Patients learn that even if they lose weight, they will always be an obese person in a thinner body and at risk for regain. We work closely with our patients during times of eventual relapse and offer means to acquire the skills needed to meet this challenge. One of the first principles participants learn is that "weight loss is not the cure for obesity." Effecive lifetime weight management is based on new concepts of nutrition, activity, and conflict resolution. Patients use these new problem-solving skills to shape and implement more health-affirming behaviors.

Most commercial diet centers only focus on the diet by providing some combination of products -- special foods, supplements, lectures and so on. Few, if any, actually offer a program that identifies and changes the behaviors that contribute to the patient's being overweight in the first place. Our program helps patients overcome the avoidance and denial that have made and kept them overweight. While patients lose weight they receive close professional help and are held accountable for their actions. Clinical studies have shown that accountability and behavioral counseling are effective tools in weight loss, and they are cornerstones of the Sierra Weight Loss program.

After patients reach their goal weight, our aftercare, "Maintenance" program supports them to practice weight management skills with accountability and knowledgeable guidance. Participants navigate through various common challenges, from remaining active no matter the season to weathering the the complex situations arising around holiday, family, and social gatherings. Data from a Hernried Center followup study show that the most successful long-term maintainers of lower weight bodies complete a minimum of 12-18 months of weekly Maintenance sessions before reducing the frequency of their center contacts. Over 90% of those patients who stick with the entire program are successful in avoidng much weight regain long-term. Sierra Weight Loss's program clearly provides an effective means to control one of the most pernicious roots of multiple chronic diseases, obesity.