Weight Loss 

Send your life in a new direction with Sierra Weight Loss

Each of Sierra Weight Loss programs are centered around the following core concepts:

  1. Effective weight loss has to be permanent. The real challenge begins AFTER you've lost the weight, which is as much a psychological challenge as a physical one. 
  2. In order to make clients ready for the challenge of maintaining their target weight, the weight loss has to be easy, fast, and must build confidence. 

Patients also have to be able to quickly re-set back to their target wight if they get off track. Sierra Weight Loss programs allow patients to easily resume their weight-stability program and continue building on their success. 

How Weight Loss works

As a Sierra Weight Loss patient, you will enjoy safe and rapid weight loss with our nutritionally-complete prescription meal replacement program. 

  • Option 1 uses the prescription meal replacement to provide all nourishment (weight loss is an average of 3-5 pounds per week).
  • Option 2 includes one strictly measured meal per day, with meal replacement (weight loss is an averages 2-3 pounds per week). Option 2 is good for those who need to eat for conventional foods for business or family reasons.

Medical Monitoring

Each patient is regularly monitored to ensure safe, healthy weight loss each week. Lab work and EKG's are done approximately every 4 weeks while enrolled in the program. Dr. Pierce may need to make adjustments to your medications due to weight loss, these changes will be forwarded to your PCP. 

Weekly Classes

Successful weight loss depends not just on losing weight, but changing behaviors. Each patient attends a weekly class to learn about new concepts in nutrition, how to cope with daily conflicts and create new skills to last a lifetime.